Now that we have lived in our new home built by you for over 4 months I want you to know how deeply thrilled we are with the results. We are delighted with how smoothly the whole construction phase of the home went and thrilled that every timeline along the way was met. Not only did you construct our dream home, you helped with the design all along the way. You gave us creative guidance to produce a home that reflects everything we wanted in our home with outstanding workmanship. You spent numerous hours with us designing the ‘ultimate kick ass’ kitchen and we LOVE IT. The fact is we appreciate the quality you delivered throughout the home right down to choosing the perfect lighting and placement of all the LED lights.

Since the completion of our home we have received numerous compliments of the outstanding workmanship both inside and out along with the attention to detail that you have put into our home. After spending months together with you on our home building project we feel you are more than a provider of a quality home, you are a friend who cares about building dreams and doing it the right way. You made the whole process a pleasure.

Thank you for your integrity.
–  Gabriella & Gus Cassano

From the first meeting, when my son shot Jon in the back of the head with a Nerf bullet, to the final meeting when our addition was finished, Southport Builders has been a professional, timely and budget conscious building company. We couldn't be more pleased with the craftsmanship and flow of the new addition to our existing home. We added approximately 1600 square feet to our bungalow. It looks like a brand new home. All the little details were taken care of with ease and honesty.

Southport Builders took the fear out of renovating. They were so hands on, and we really appreciate the family business aspect. If we ever decide to renovate or build in the future, we would have no hesitation in choosing Southport again.
–  Synthia Lesynski & Sam DiPasquale

Our custom home is exactly what we wanted thanks to Southport Builders Niagara. They are skilled trades, attentive to details, helpful with decisions / solutions and an overall pleasure to work with creating an awesome, comfortable place we now call home. Thanks!
–  Doug & Robin Crown

We called Jon and Southport Builders in to stabilize a second story deck and convert it into a 4 season sunroom and we can’t be more pleased with the results. Jon and his team put us at ease while they expertly supported the deck and installed new beams and posts and once that was done set to work to create what is now a fully finished, fully insulated 4 season, glassed in dining room.

Not knowing exactly what we’d find as we started Jon was very flexible to make decisions on the fly and his trades we’re an absolute pleasure to have on the job site (aka our home) and the end results are top notch. I would recommend Jon and Southport to anyone looking to do anything from a small renovation to a custom house.
–  Michael Bates

We were excited to build our own home, but the whole process seemed so daunting at first. We were grateful to work with Southport because they ended up making this process so much easier than we anticipated. They were very organized, timely, and easy to work with. We were so happy with the end result. It was even better than we had imagined! We would recommend Southport to anyone who is planning to build.
–  Chris & Sarah Leyenaar

Setting out on a journey to design your forever home can be incredibly daunting. We are so grateful to have had the support and expertise of Southport Builders Niagara to guide us through this process with creativity, integrity, and excellence. We couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
Often during the construction process, things like timelines are easily overlooked, but Southport was constantly communicating with us about where things were at and kept the project on schedule. We moved in the day we requested in our initial meeting.
During a process that can be overwhelming and stressful, we are so glad we had Southport to take care of the details with the utmost professionalism and care. If we would build again, Southport would be our first call.
–  Ben & Tracey Lockyer

We moved into our new home a month ago and couldn't be happier with our build. Jon and the Southport team saw our vision and worked with us to make our dream come true. We knew from the moment we met Jon that he had the patience, expertise and drive to complete our project on time and with extreme care. Jon shared our rustic style and joined in our enthusiasm for restoring old beams, reclaiming old windows, and creating brick and plank feature walls. All of Jon's contractors were "top notch". I would recommend the Southport team to anyone planning to build!
–  Joanne & Darryl Day