In 2007, house framers Dave and Jon Wiens, answered a call to help raise funds for their church. Leaning on their construction knowledge and experience, the father-son team decided to build and sell homes, giving half the profit to the church and splitting the remainder.

For two years, Dave and Jon continued this work, successfully building and selling a number of houses before deciding to shift their attention back to Dave’s framing business. In 2015, however, Jon found himself missing the process of new home construction and decided to return to Southport.

With a love for building, in-depth knowledge of the construction process, and his father’s 45 years of experience and industry contacts, it didn’t take long before Jon was breaking ground.

Our Team

We have a dedicated team on your project, for each part of the process. From planning, budgeting and design to construction, after closing service and warranty work, our team has everything covered, ensuring the best overall building experience you’ll ever have.

Our Core Values

When you work with us, you’re more than a customer number. You’re a part of the Southport Builders Niagara family. We are committed to taking on only as many projects as we can successfully manage at once because you deserve our full attention.

We do what we do because we love to build, but these are the values that drive us:



Southport was built on the foundational value of “people before profit,” and that spirit continues. Throughout the years, we’ve been involved in initiatives to support the homeless, including building a shelter in our church for those who need a roof over their heads. Dave is very active in Habitat for Humanity, while both he and Jon regularly help with local builds. We are also involved in ongoing fundraising efforts and sports team sponsorships within the Niagara Region.


Every job we do is finished for the customer’s ultimate satisfaction and comfort, not to boost our balance sheet. We’ve worked on hundreds of projects over the years, and have managed to maintain positive, lasting relationships with each and every one of our customers. It means a lot to us that we can look all of our homeowners in the eye and be proud of the job we did for them. We operate with integrity, maintaining open lines of communication and keeping our promises.


We’ve formed a team of contractors that is second to none. Everyone on our builds has proven to us that they are skilled, reliable, and beholden to the same standards of quality we are. With the best people on the job, the quality of our homes is evident the moment you step inside one. You can see it in the details, like the impeccable paint job and the perfect trim. For us it’s not about getting the cheapest contractors, it’s about getting the best. 


We’ve been forming relationships with the best tradespeople in the industry for more than 45 years, and only work with the best. We do our best to partner with owner/operators, as in our experience, these professionals tend to provide the high level of quality we’re looking for in our builds.